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Fuzhou Zhenfei Moving Company Limited Brand
Business Model
Fu Shun is vibration fly below the professional moving company Fuzhou is the earliest one of the strength of the moving company The company has more than a new car and be trained with regularity of the workers. Can provide high-quality service for the customer!! The company by the business registration! The company is open 24 hours a day we will be first-class service, professional service spirit wholeheartedly for you. Respect the customer needs, to respect the customer rights and dignity, make you comfortable! The company provides professional moving service, run air-conditioning disassembly!! Also provides long-distance move, Fujian province long-distance move ran!! The relocation of factories and Large Firm, hypermarkets carry goods!!! Thank you for your cooperation, with our sincere attitude to serve you!!!! 0591-83777680 0591-83343311
Main Products
Moving business, air-conditioning disassembly
Contact information
Contact:   Yue Jie
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Fuzhou city Taijiang District Fuzhou city of Heze village 17 106 room