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From Hongkong, the idea of originality. Two two zero nine has always believed in the "precise, practical results" is a necessary condition for enterprises to enter the market, the brand establishment is also so. Through accurate brand strategy, effective brand promotion, to maximize the enterprise market value (brand). Lingjiuerer creative, unique "database" for creative skills, more natural and rational. Do the brand, not accurate "data" as the basis is not suitable. Lingjiuerer depth mining enterprises (brand) various attributes, will all kinds of attribute weighted stack, mold enterprises (brand) "rite" market efficiency. Lingjiuerer -- as a creative, innovative brand, from market research, to CIS, and then to promotion, interlocking, based on data, seek "meeting point the most suitable", let the brand personality, full of human nature. About 0922 ideas Intelligence market focused brand Data don't like false! In the howling wind market, not tactful! The 2 is 2, don't speak with me 1+1=2! Since the late of a second, the market may have a new change! Lingjiuerer unique intellectual skills for each market data differentiation brand force Research and Exploration on the focus on brand power In order to find the best point of brand and market On the 0922 team 1, the 0 theories: brave to do 1, wise when 0, leadership is the symbol! 000110 and 1000000 of the game! A team is strong not in much of the 1 and 0, found in the correct position and make them. 1 is a brave man, a burden on the shoulder and the 0 is a wise man, inner strength! As for the leadership, just before the team the "+" or "-". The combination of ordered and stable, is the only standard to a great team! About 0922 brands Index theory: let things enlarged brand attributes. The brand is the superposition of a series of geometric attributes. Enterprises, products, image, W. These properties are selectively amplifying, Brand building is so. Brand building is not to blindly follow the trend, Looking for a "best fit" your own style, Is the most successful brand building. About 0922 creative "Database" from the data mining techniques: the hidden forces in the! Here, "Database" is a creative collection! Lingjiuerer powerful "database support, Every creative is closely combined with the market data. From the data of creativity, can be art, But the brand not to engage in art, responsible for profitability!
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