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Business Model
Tai'an Jiuzhou geotextile material Co., Ltd is located in the famous "Taishan" feet -- Sheng Zhuang, the surrounding beautiful scenery, the environment elegant, West Resort 10 kilometers south from Taishan, Confucian cultural cities (Qufu) 70 km, east 40 kilometers away from Laiwu, 80 kilometers from the provincial capital of the north, Ji'nan International Airport, transportation is convenient, the Beijing Shanghai high-speed road Taylor, a level high speed road, old Tailai road and Taixinlu across the East and West, cultural road and gang Yang road runs through the north and the south. The company was founded in 2009 the introduction of soft perforated bellows -- salt drainage pipe production equipment, the main production and operation of various salt discharge tube, glass fiber geogrid, uniaxial plastic geogrid, bidirectional plastic geogrid, steel plastic geogrid, polyester geogrid, geotextile composite geomembrane, bentonite waterproof pad, three-dimensional vegetation net, geogrid, geocell engineering materials. Products are mainly used in reclamation, highway, railway, water conservancy, electricity, water and soil conservation and environmental greening and the areas of infrastructure, has been widely used in water and soil conservation, highway, railway and so on a number of national key projects, by engineering experts and users alike, Yun Taishan aura, Mu century breeze, new century, Tai'an Jiuzhou geotextile material Co. Ltd. to "quality of survival, innovation consciousness and development" business philosophy of service, casting a new image of Chinese engineering materials.
Main Products
Production and sales of the filter, salt discharge tube, punching bag cloth permeable pipe, geogrid, geotextile
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Contact:   General Zhang
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Tai'an City Ying Sheng Lu