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Guangzhou City Fu Tao microwave equipment energy Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou Fu Tao microwave equipment Co. Ltd. is a collection of scientific research, development, test, manufacturing as one of the high-tech enterprises, with high-tech, high technology, high quality, high efficiency as the characteristics of the. The backbone of the technical team has a team of ten years engaged in research and application of microwave, and the accumulation of a number of core technology for microwave applications, especially in the process of design and development in the field of non-standard products, with strong technical strength and security. The company adopts the world advanced technology, according to GMP FDA standard, the domestic manufacture of a new generation of "Fu Tao" brand 915MHz, 2450MHz two series; there are single type, tube type, tunnel type, cabinet type, circular type of 40 kinds of microwave equipment. The device can be widely used in food, chemical, pharmaceutical, condiment, wood, ceramics, metallurgy, latex products, rubber and other industries; the company has cooperated with Hunan Institute of chemical technology, Zhongshan University, Wuhan University of Technology, Tianjin University and other colleges and universities, achieve the transformation project, and with Zhongshan University School of physics of long-term cooperation to develop patent achievements, to achieve a win-win situation. In the fierce market competition, the inevitable trend of modern enterprise development, Fu Tao always adhere to the "quality first, the user first" principle of service. I company of "three packs of" commitment to the quality of equipment, responsible for the free installation commissioning, on-site training of operation and maintenance. One year warranty, life-long service. Since the founding of the company product sales coverage throughout the country and have been exported to Taiwan, Hongkong, Singapore, Malaysia, and other countries and regions of deep and customers trust and praise.
Main Products
Microwave equipment, industrial microwave equipment, microwave drying equipment, microwave chemical drying equipment, microwave wood drying equipment, microwave food drying equipment of microwave drying equipment, pharmaceutical industry
Contact information
Contact:   Chen Weiling
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Shenzhen City  Tai Zhen Da Yuan Huang South Industrial Park Guangzhou Baiyun District Baiyun District No. 2