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Business Model
Shijiazhuang CHUANGHE Network Technology Co., Ltd. was founded in 2003 July, with our professional technology and staff a strong sense of professionalism, responsibility for providing network from information technology consulting, integration, network construction for the client, remote video conferencing, product network promotion and a series of services and products. The company Under the sales department, technical department, network engineering department, human resources department, after sale service department, has a strong service team, and China Telecom North Branch, Beijing V2 Technology Co., Ltd, Xiamen scholar, Hebei Netcom Company has established long-term cooperation relationship. The company's main business: the student to the friends of business software, 258 search, video conference sales and leasing, site promotion etc.. In the years of the development process, we have laid a good base of customers, and create a perfect team. Contact Wang Shuai 15930429022
Main Products
Business software, Gen enterprise pass, website construction, network promotion
Contact information
Contact:   Wang Shuai
Addr:   Hebei Province  Shijiazhuang City  Yuhua road and Main Street Sports intersection north business 1602