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Shanghai to Chengdu Railway Logistics Transportation Company Brand
Business Model
Shanghai Pegasus logistics is a major transportation enterprise by Shanghai traffic bureau, industrial and commercial tax approved, modern logistics enterprises after many years of development, has gradually become a certain scale, operating a wide range of. A transportation, warehousing, distribution, packaging and handling information processing in one; each type vehicle we have all kinds of tonnage, can undertake the size of cargo tonnage (LTL vehicle can) for cargo insurance agents, to ensure customer cargo security in cooperation during the operation! 24 hours to provide goods query, business consulting, implementation of integrity punctuality safe convenient service goals for you, and to ensure that transportation reasonable prices low, solid foundation sources, business is strong
Main Products
Domestic freight transport, large transport, dangerous goods transport, refrigerated transport, domestic express
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Zhang
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Putuo District road in Qilian