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Business Model
Shandong province Wulian county built spectrum stone factory is a mining, stone processing, product sales, installation as one of the comprehensive stone material factory. Located in the north of the town of Wulian County stone first -- the streets of the town of stone industry base in the central zone, south of Rizhao Port 45 km, 8 km from the East high-speed, the traffic is very convenient. Professional production: Wulian red. The five lotus, Wulian grey, Ji'nan green, and sand stone products. Stone series: road edge stone, tree stone, corner stone, stair stone, mushroom stone, stone flower beds, stone squares. Series of products: hair plate, plate, plate burning, window panels, the finished plate, chop axinite. Alien series: stone ball, blocking column, bridge column, cylindrical, craft stone, stone carving, stone big house.
Main Products
Five lotus, Wulian red, road edge stone, fire board
Contact information
Contact:   Li Jianpu
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Wulian County Street Town Industrial Zone