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Wenzhou QIHANG Machinery Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
The company has successfully developed in the evaporation and crystallization of ammonium sulfate, sodium chloride, compound fertilizer and other products of crystallization evaporation technology, make a lot of environmental pollution enterprises out of the predicament. Thus the development of recycling economy, do decontamination triage, comprehensive utilization, out of the way of development of a resource - products - renewable resources. To achieve the win-win development and environmental protection, but also the natural green, let the sky more blue. Evaporation and concentration equipment Chinese market share of domestic brands are listed forefront, the main production base of Chinese evaporator. The company has rich experience in production, management, technology and talent advantages in evaporation technology, the company has professional technical staff in the industry with rich experience and high quality, free for the user installation and commissioning of production equipment, and is responsible for operating personnel technical training and quality tracking service. "Energy-saving emission reduction, sophisticated processing, quality of the implementation of three bags, lifelong service". Let you buy the rest assured, the use of the heart. The company is located in Wenzhou city Ouhai Comprehensive Industrial Development Zone Jiao Yang Road No. 93, covers an area of 5000 square meters, construction area of 4000 square meters. Among them, cold workshop 2000 square meters, 500 square meters workshop, assembly workshop 500 square meters, 500 square meters of material warehouse. The company has more than 2000 yuan in fixed assets, has a full set of stainless steel mechanical processing equipment. Among them, with the international advanced level of automatic welding equipment 1 sets of /1, 1 sets of automatic spinning machines, 1 sets of automatic polishing machine, CNC machine, lathe, milling machine, drilling machine 5. A, 5T, 2T crane 4 units, and the boiler, air pressure, hydraulic pressure test equipment 1 sets. The company has 50 employees, all types of professional and technical personnel 10 people The company with the domestic several food, light industry, machinery, scientific research institutions (the) established cooperative relations, constantly absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, continuous improvement process
Main Products
The evaporator, falling film evaporator, crystallizing evaporator, extracting tank, concentrator
Contact information
Contact:   Wu Changjian
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  The city of Hangzhou  Ouhai Qu Jiao or village of Wenzhou City, No. 92