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Zhengzhou Kaiyuan Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Research on the hot, difficult problems in present economic development and utilization of university intellectual resources. Water is mainly engaged in the field of civil energy-saving emission reduction (convenient toilet water-saving device distribution), electricity (multi position reversing valve and system of hot water air-conditioning refrigerators, freezers, under the stage hot air conditioning hot water heating and air conditioning of functional polymer materials (,) full series of high-grade environment-friendly PVA packaging materials) research and other products, the company is a high-tech enterprise set production in a body, has applied for and received a patent for invention or utility model nearly 20. Companies in the energy saving, environmental protection product development, promotion, to the "independent innovation, leading the future" for innovative ideas, reciprocity, mutual benefit to pursue "win-win" as the goal, working with partners will be energy saving, environmental protection consciousness and the products to the market, work together to build a green home. Address: Henan Province, the National University Science Park of Zhengzhou high tech District, Changchun Road, No. 11 Tel: 0371 603898911370087891 18939579891 Mail box:
Main Products
Water saving device, supporting the toilets, water-saving environmental protection, convenient water-saving device, water reuse
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Contact:   Liu Dongliang
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Zhengzhou high tech District, Changchun Road, No. 11