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 Wuxi Xinda purifying complete equipment factory Brand
Business Model
Wuxi Xinda purification plant is engaged in the production, design, production, installation, commissioning and air conditioning and purification equipment. The production history has been more than ten years. There are over 250 employees. The enterprise has three levels of air purification engineering construction certificate, safety construction qualification certificate, and is certified by ISO9001 quality system. There are many professional construction engineers and site construction project managers. Professional designers have many kinds of design and corresponding technical personnel, such as HVAC design, water supply and drainage process layout design, sheet metal box structure design, electrical design, decoration and decoration design, and have formed a professional team with a certain scale of design and production site construction.
Main Products
Air shower, cleaning equipment, air purification equipment, air filter, filter.
Contact information
Contact:   Chen Xue Ming
Addr:   Jiangsu Province   Nanjing City   No. 102, Yan Xin Road, Forestry Development Zone, weqiao Town, Wuxi