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American Citigroup cardiovascular anti-aging reducing diabetic bone joint pharmaceutical company Brand
Business Model
America Citigroup Pharmaceutical (Citi-Pharmacy Co 'Ltd) was founded in 1832, is a company with a history of over 100 years, international bio pharmaceutical enterprises. The company is headquartered in New York, under the jurisdiction of the United States, the European public division cause division, Asia Pacific Division, the cause of Africa cause division, the company's business relates to the field of biological pharmacy, medical technology development, medical equipment, health care products, senior health education and training, in modern medicine, there is the world's leading R & D strength. In 2004 American Citigroup pharmaceutical company set up America Citigroup Asia Pacific headquarters and the three port Pharmaceutical Medicine Biological Technology Co. Ltd. in Shanghai, is responsible for the overall America Citigroup pharmaceutical company product development, in China production, import and export, market sales and customer service service. Three Hong Kong Medical Biological Technology Co. Ltd., relying on the technical strength America Citigroup pharmaceutical company strong, in Chinese established a high level of R & D and production base, and actively carry out cooperation with the domestic medical institutions. Citigroup Asia Pacific headquarters for pharmaceutical health characteristics of Chinese, through independent research and development and the introduction of foreign technology, in the cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases, diabetes, aged gastrointestinal disease, bone and joint diseases, great achievement gained control and prevent premature aging and other diseases of the. American Citigroup stock company medicine actively join the public welfare, philanthropy, social returns, the company to promote the "healthy life, Citigroup to create" series of lectures on health, held more than 1500 games in China, for the majority of the elderly to guide the healthy life concept and life. At the same time, USA Citigroup global pharmaceutical companies to actively participate in charitable activities, Africa refugees, China hope project, global disaster prevention, energy saving and emission reduction, low-carbon economy welfare assistance activities, Citigroup pharmaceutical have invested a total of $300000000, and in 2003 was awarded the "United Nations human progress award". In the next 10 years, China would become Citigroup pharmaceutical biggest overseas market, the company will continue to increase investment in China innovation actively involved in technology, disease prevention and treatment; to build more community as a unit of Citigroup's health product service center; to provide more comprehensive, meticulous service as the bank's efforts to promote the healthy development of the cause of user; China society, for the realization of "healthy life, Citigroup to create" corporate philosophy, and strive to build a harmonious society China. Free health consultation hotline: 800-880-9-117 Operator: 027-85496288 Watch mobile phone: 13554433668 13554499399 Fax: 027-85496289 Web site: QQ:1059331235
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Cardiovascular, ecological exchange transfusion, anti aging, bone joints, diabetes mellitus
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Contact:   Xu Huang
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