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Linqing City, Lu Lin Hydraulic Machinery Factory Brand
Business Model
Linqing City, Lu Lin hydraulic machinery factory is specializing in the production of packaging machine manufacturing enterprises, the products are widely used in various industries packaging soft fiber (such as cotton, linen, clothing, plush, cloth, towel, paper edge) bring great convenience and considerable economic benefits to the transportation and warehousing goods. Factory technical force is abundant, information extensive contacts and cooperation and establish the relevant domestic hydraulic research, to create a better value for more and better consumer service. I plant in full accordance with the mode of operation of the ISO9001 international quality management system to strictly control the quality, fully meet the design requirements of the objective economic cases. I plant staff with "to be a first-class quality, force a recognized brand" ambitions, and continuously forge ahead, and constantly develop improved, is responsible for the customer, responsible for product quality of mind and our professional skills, making each users rest assured, satisfied with the products carefully. Has the abundant technical force and your support, we are more confident, let us hand in hand cooperation, and seek common development! The "Lu Lin" brand machine for more customer service. The main products: hydraulic balers, 10-200 tons of press, hydraulic fittings, Y series motor, seed cotton moisture regain tester, lint percentage test mill. Note: our factory can be based on the hydraulic pump station and manufacture all kinds of special type equipment and various user requirements.
Main Products
Hydraulic baler
Contact information
Contact:   Chen Huaguang
Addr:   Shandong Province  Ji'nan City  Shandong Province Linqing Longshan Road South Gate Street No. 197