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Regression Lai Mao Ming flourishing, the Millennium foundation soil reservoir. One day the regression with the wind, rise directly to a high position in ninety thousand! The return of Guizhou Lai Wine Co., Ltd was founded in 1983, is located in Renhuai city of Maotai Town be richly endowed by nature of the Chishui River, the mountains ring along, beautiful scenery, mountains, water is good. Chairman Mr. Lai Shilun is the only inheritor laimao wine recipe. The so-called regression, it is in strict family tradition process, let the world have real laimao wine. Over the past 20 years the factory for countless understand wine love wine tasting wine people enjoy build a colorful Hongqiao. By the social celebrities from all walks of life, the vast number of consumers at home. This factory founds to the beginning, has been in the family for a hundred years of cultural heritage, the Chinese people Everfount provides high quality wine culture. As Moutai wine predecessor, regression laimao left countless brilliant footprint. In 1987 the national leader Mr. Lai Shilun inscribed: "laimao wine rise, soaring. In 1988 Laimaoli return after 4 years, by the National Patent Office review four, repeated sampling, sampling inspection, draw the Lai wine "n-butanol and ethyl lactate content was significantly higher than the export Moutai wine", and because of this test results, and finally the national invention patent certificate. Numerous facts tell us laimao wine quality in culture, have let people delude one to folly charm. In the future, we still need to strictly control the quality, cultural heritage, as the Millennium wine culture of the Chinese nation to increase brick nogged tile. Guizhou Maotai Town Wine Co., Ltd. China regression Lai operations center (Henan Chi Cheung Trade Co., Ltd.) is located in the hinterland of the Central Plains in the banks of the Yellow River - Zhengzhou, convenient transportation, the east-west, connecting the north and south. The company was founded in 1999, registered capital of five million, the company based on people-oriented, credibility supremacy of the purposes, through the accumulation of groping for more than ten years out of a unique sales model, and marketing team. The existing core personnel more than 30 people, staff of 73 people, Chi Cheung trade do laimao wine central China Marketing Center for regression, dealers, stores, distributors, through Henan, Shandong, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi, Anhui Province, seven. Lay a solid foundation for the national liquor market open. Regression laimao wine with good quality to win a number of vanity, Henan TV guest products consumer confidence -- the World Expo make use of wine - Baizu ceremony designated wine etc.. We drove the horse galloping on the vast earth, astride the eagle we fly in the blue sky. Chi Cheung trade your willingness to extend sincere hands, warmly welcome you to join, is willing to work with colleagues who create the beautiful future! The contact person: Mr. Zhang, Mr. Lin The Tel: 0371 -87507131 The fax: 0371 -66305991 The hand machine: 13383859431 13673666680 The web site: - The Q I C q:402897250 The address: Zhengzhou City Agricultural Road and Dongming Road intersection customs east 3 building 1102 room The postal code: 450000
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Laimao wine, Moutai, Wuliangye, Shuijingfang, the Yanghe River
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Contact:   Song Heng
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Zhengzhou City Agricultural Road and Dongming Road intersection on the east side of the Customs Building No. 3 room 1102