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Wuxi City Lake Instrument Factory Brand
Business Model
Wuxi Lake instrument factory is thermal instrumentation and accessories professional manufacturers, products after years of improvement, is very applicable to the need of production. If you are a field instrument engineer, I choose will undoubtedly bring great convenience to your work, reduce the labor intensity of large amount of maintenance and for you; if you are an instrument supplier, to replace other types of products with complex I all purpose, multi function products, will give your work with purchasing great convenience, but also a choice chance. At the same time, I plant a low price but will create more economic benefit for you.
Main Products
Analyzer, tachometer, instrument, zirconium oxide analyzer, zirconium oxide
Contact information
Contact:   Zhou Jianwei
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  Wuxi Hudai town