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Shenzhen city Fengya lattice Clothing Co., Ltd. was founded in 2002, is a collection of clothing design, production, R & D, sales, foreign trade, brand management in one of the modern professional clothing enterprises. After several years of development, the company continued strength, production, sales have been expanding, continuously improve visibility, elegant lattice ” “ Shenzhen women's clothing becomes top experts in a professional, stable, practical style, become China Chinese dress popular vane.

company's “ elegant lattice ” brand women, using China traditional quintessence embroidery, printing, hand-painted design elements, with natural silk, cotton, linen material as the main raw materials, pay attention to texture, and by “ concise, fashion, elegant design style theme for &rdquo. Heavy emphasis on people-oriented, pay attention to the original, national culture, spread the spirit of the times, the fusion of traditional and modern Chinese popular dress culture, the decorative and functional perfect combination, to boutique sections, Oriental fashion, with virtuoso style, as the tree industry model.

“ Bao Jianfeng from sharpening out, plum blossom from the bitter cold to ” and “ elegant lattice ” brand since its inception uphold “ pragmatic, integrity, pioneering and enterprising ” the operating principle, to the provincial agency as the main line, franchised to terminal sales network, expanding sales areas and explore new territories in the fierce competition, women of the world, an accurate grasp of market positioning, a fight at a time, steady development. It has set up more than 20 provincial general agent in the country, more than 100 cities open franchised store, and opened in the country more than 20 straight battalion store. On the whole, our customers, bank full and a full range of “ three ” technical guidance and coordination, establish and improve the joining mechanism, scientific analysis of the market, and regularly conducted a comprehensive assessment of the agents, franchisees, make whole brand more standardized and mature.

“ surging, smiled at all corners of the country, the number of dissolute brand, also see the wind YAGE ”, in the fierce market competition, a clothing brand, “ elegant lattice ” brand clothing to scientific management and rigorous attitude, the idea of people-oriented, standardized production, strict quality control and fast logistics dispensing such initiatives, the torrent contrarian, forward courageously, remarkable performance, market share and brand awareness and reputation rising, ushered in a new era of elegant lattice ” &ldquo.

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The elegant lattice clothing
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