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Shandong Qingzhou Dezhi sand mining machinery factory Brand
Business Model
Qingzhou Dezhi sand mining machinery factory production of various mechanical dredging, sand pumping machinery, two washing equipment, sand washing machine, sand making machine, sand pumping vessel series, iron series, dry selected series, sand sieving machine, various accessories, dredging, sand pumping machinery with iron sand extraction equipment, is a different river, reservoir extraction professional mechanical iron sand dune, sand making machine disposable material feeding, crushing, screening, washing, high pressure transmission in one, all kinds of machinery has flexible operation, reliable quality, low cost, high benefit, convenient repair and other specialty, is widely used in Sand Mountain, reservoir, river sand mining and battlefield. The geographical position be richly endowed by nature, the investment environment is superior, is the collection of sand mining machinery, river dredging the pond, Saline Lake mining, iron sand extraction equipment production and sales of manufacturers.
Main Products
Dredger, sand pumping, iron sand, sand washing machine, dry cleaning machine
Contact information
Contact:   Dezhi Chen
Addr:   Shandong Province  Ji'nan City  Shandong city of Qingzhou Province Huang Lou Industrial Park