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Guangzhou Yuanda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Guangzhou Yuanda Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd. in 2009 June formally incorporated, located in one of the national science and technology advanced district of Liwan District Dong Sha entrepreneurship center. The company relies on university technology background, with the national "985" key construction university professor (Chinese chemical / RSC associate member, National Science and technology award evaluation experts, scientific projects of the Ministry of education for judges) technical director. The company will take the market demand as the starting point, the principal of "customer needs, is the pursuit of enterprise", in "One aims for the far-off future., unremitting self-improvement" innovation efforts, focus on R & D and production at present and in the future are in urgent need of environmental protection and energy saving type nano functional materials, eco friendly fine chemical products, polymer material and related environmental protection equipment, and strive to create a leading international environmental protection products and equipment brand. By the early years of research, the company has the production of platinum nanoparticles (gold silver palladium rhodium \ \ \ \ \ iron cobalt nickel copper zinc \ \ \ \ Ni Co alloy) particle size stability, bulk forming the current domestic first level. Zirconia modified alumina, modified photocatalyst, polymer decomposition enzyme, the strong antioxidant, platinum paste electrode materials and other products, will be the "truth-seeking, pragmatic integrity," the purpose of serving the masses of consumers.
Main Products
Photocatalyst, in addition to taste the net, car sensor, nano ceramic powder, nano silver platinum
Contact information
Contact:   Lin Juan
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Guangzhou City, Liwan District YuLan Road No. 3, Room 308