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Shanghai Suoyi Electronic Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Company uphold the principle of quality products to durability, security operation, to achieve the goal of excellence. Power supply system in the manufacturing process, in full compliance with international quality standards and national industry standards, and believes that with high quality, high durability, high safety for the design starting point, regardless of whether the high-tech precision equipment agents, distributors, electrical engineer, facility engineers at home and abroad, and setting up the factory planners, will agree and uses quality, performance, manufacturing, sales, after sale service and function up amounts of power products, to ensure the equipment stability, clean, safe power supply quality. One of the power supply system of our main products, professional design staff to achieve the highest goal, our highest quality, dedication and effort to provide intelligent, day and night active operation in factory power quality for you the best. The business scope of the company has been committed to the power inverter, high power switching power supply, linear DC regulated power supply, three-phase inverter power supply, 60HZ power supply, high frequency AC power supply, low frequency AC power supply, power harmonic filter to improve research, equipment such as various types of power system equipment development, design, manufacturing and marketing, in order to provide customers with complete power the solution.
Main Products
Single-phase three-phase inverter power supply, variable frequency power supply, frequency conversion power source, intermediate frequency power supply, DC power supply
Contact information
Contact:   Li Yaohua
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Shensong road 958, big wave Bay Road Room 50-1002