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Xiamen Yong Peng Auto Service Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Xiamen Yong Peng car rental Co., Ltd was founded in 2005, with the car rental and travel with car rental based, providing tourist reception, business meeting, wedding, air tickets and hotel booking for the customers at home and abroad, a large car rental service. Provide comprehensive, detailed travel through to domestic and foreign customers, car rental and consulting peripheral services, enabling customers to enjoy a safe, comfortable car rental. And the company is equipped with professional drivers, so that customers in the business, conference, wedding process feel warm, thoughtful, luxury 24 hour private car service. Xiamen Yong Peng auto rental limited company in line with scientific management, quality as the concept, organized a professional, integrity, efficient team, to provide more convenient, safety for customers, comfortable service, win the trust and satisfaction of our customers. Not only that, the company more according to market requirements, constantly improve the vehicle structure and service quality. At any time according to needs to adjust business customers. The structure of the maximum possible to meet customer requirements. Xiamen Yong Peng auto rental limited company adhering to the "integrity-based, long-term cooperation" for the purpose, with a pragmatic and innovative spirit of continuous development and growth. Xiamen Yong Peng car rental company adhere to the customer-oriented service tenet, make all-out efforts to provide customers the best quality service. Xiamen Yong Peng car rental companies provide vehicles are insured by insurance third. 2) provided by the company are guaranteed clean car. 3) to ensure that the company drivers are polite, well dressed. 4) the company settlement in cash or transfer to the second months prior to the settlement date 25. 5) the above quotation includes tolls, bridge tolls, the driver meals (overnight another operator) and other costs. 6) urban rental minimum hire since 3 hours, day hire 8 hours. 7) Oriental / calculate Kaige two-way prices in accordance with the two other, waiting time meter. 8) contact: Luan spring contact Tel: 8851111 or 5921234 Fax: 05925921234
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Contact:   Luan spring
Addr:   Fujian Province  Fuzhou City  Xiamen Siming the East Lianqian Mingfa garden behind No. 88