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Xianyang Hua Yun qin line was founded in 2006, is located in the downtown city lots I Qin long pedestrian street. The piano was founded more than four years in the experts, teachers and music lover's care and the support of rapid development, has now become a set wholesale, the largest I retail, professional piano musical instrument repair and music teaching as a whole. And enjoy a number of well-known domestic brand musical instruments the exclusive agency. The Chinese rhyme piano now have a variety of business, China famous Xinghai Piano Series and the world famous KAWAI piano, Guangzhou production of the Sino German joint venture Harry Chen brand series of piano, Yangzhou ten famous Huasheng guzheng, piped music, folk music, and a variety of violin, accordion, organ and various music books. Hua Yun School of art Xi'an Conservatory of Music distinguished piano teaching and research group leader Li Jia served as artistic advisor, strong teachers, teaching experience, class environment is comfortable, the long run, adult, youth piano, guzheng, violin, electric piano and music theory, solfeggio test counseling, guitar collective class and one to one teaching. Your music ship will set sail from here. Hua Yun harp for the general manager and all the staff and teachers warmly welcome your arrival. Qin long pedestrian street B1-1-13 flower rhyme flagship store Contact: Miss Wang Kou teacher The inquiry hotline: 13087660586 13772578333 Web site:
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Contact:   Kou teacher
Addr:   Shaanxi Province  Xi'an City  Qin long pedestrian street B1-1-13 flower rhyme flagship store