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Zhengzhou snow angel Trade Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Snow angel Trade Co. Ltd has six branch offices in China, mainly engaged in network services, advertising, graphic design, website construction, website optimization, website promotion, website promotion, animation, server space rental, domain name registration and other network services. At the same time operating outside the trade cooperation of domestic, import and export business, agent products and biological products the company of God: fermentation bed fermentation agent, fermentation bed to raise pigs with EM bacteria, EM bacteria liquid, EM probiotic. Also operates the Shanghai River along the sow pig equipment automation automation technology, automatic feeding system for sows, sows intelligent feeding and management system! Also recently signed Henan province China youth travel service, Henan CYTS, have offered Henan travel, Zhengzhou travel agency, under the Henan CYTS CYTS, Zhengzhou, Henan travel for customers, domestic tourism outbound tourism business. The company's Web site address: Http:// Http:// Http:// Http://
Main Products
Snow angel speakers, mini speakers, fermentation bed to raise pigs, EM strain, Henan travel agency
Contact information
Contact:   Zhang Minghui
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Dongfeng Road No. 18