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Zhengzhou Eurasia air cannon Co Ltd Brand
Business Model
Zhengzhou Eurasia air cannon Co. Ltd. is the first domestic production of air cannon Professional Company. The company is a mechanical and electrical industry, chemical industry, coal industry, building materials industry for the production of air cannon fixed-point units, with the successful performance of the contract capacity of legal entity, the state issued a pressure vessel manufacturing license. The electric air gun, air storage tank, powder valve, bag dust collector special air bag products for many years the production of the company in 30 provinces and autonomous regions nationwide electric power, chemical, coal, cement, metallurgy, coking, iron and steel casting industries widely used, and has exported to Vietnam, Thailand, Malaysia, Iran, Indonesia, Zimbabwe, Laos, India, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Eritrea, Pakistan, Sri Lanka, deeply domestic and foreign users and experts praise.
Main Products
Air gun, air storage tank, powder valve, electric bag dust collector, shell and tube heat exchanger
Contact information
Contact:   Zhou Gensheng
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Henan province Zhengzhou city Shangjie District Xin'an Road