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Xi'an Shuguang plexiglass products Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Xi'an Shuguang plexiglass product Limited company is the northwest region's largest organic glass production, processing products professional enterprises. Company's existing organic glass production, product structure design, product processing, screen printing, sandblasting and other five departments, can respectively bear the corresponding production and processing business. After more than ten years of efforts, a strict management, elaborate design, processing refined staff have been talent showing itself, products can not only the production and supply of organic glass plate, the high quality fine organic glass, and supporting the supply of a variety of organic glass pipe, bar, thick plate. After 10 years of development, "the dawn of products" has been applied to aviation industrial parts, environmental protection equipment, optoelectronic equipment spare parts, communications facilities, transportation facilities, machinery parts, building model, medical facilities, teaching facilities, scientific research and experimental facilities, decoration, crafts and many other fields. Cooperation with many scientific research units, and provide the experimental facilities and the model for the national key scientific research project number, become "dawn products" pride! In order to ensure the organic glass production and processing of "high starting point, high quality", the company added imported computer engraving machine and laser cutting machine. According to the requirements of the user, carving, on organic glass cutting all kinds of text, pattern, and laid the foundation for our artistic processing into the decoration, shopping, family and other fields. In "dawn of products" the enterprise get your praise and proud, with "dawn products" to cooperate with you and proud.
Main Products
Organic glass, acrylic, PMMA, organic products,
Contact information
Contact:   He Wenchao
Addr:   Shaanxi Province  Xi'an City  Shaanxi Province, Xi'an City, No. 53 Bowen Road, Bowen Park District 2 Building 1 layer