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Wuxi light chemical mechanical equipment factory, located in Yanqiao Industrial Park of Huishan District of Wuxi City, adjacent to Shanghai Nanjing railway, Shanghai Nanjing Expressway, Beijing Shanghai Expressway, Xicheng Expressway, the traffic is very convenient. The factory covers an area of about 12000 square meters, the existing about twenty million yuan in fixed assets. More than 80 employees. With a high quality engineering and technical personnel. 2 senior engineers, 6 engineers 12 technicians. The annual output value of about 20000000 yuan. The scale of Jiangsu province counterparts in the larger, one of the manufacturers of the high technology. The main products are chemical machinery and equipment of various types, including mixing equipment, fermentation equipment. Fermentation equipment. The heat transfer equipment. Refined oil equipment. High moisture material drying equipment. Petrochemical equipment processing and so on. We have with many domestic universities. Chemical Design Institute. There is a long-term technical cooperation. The product throughout the country. The drying machine is my factory technical personnel and the Jiangnan University professors designed for low temperature, energy-saving dryer drying developed fermented feed. After several large feed factory after use, is much better than that in the low temperature, the energy saving effect of other low temperature dryer. At present our factory has successfully developed DGS500 type, DGS1000 type, DGS2000 type and three kinds of products. DGS type dryer is a kind of low temperature, high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection type drying equipment. The large intensity of drying, low power consumption, small occupation area, and can meet the requirements of environmental protection. Mainly applied to wet high matter, such as solid fermentation feed, sprinkle worse. Based on the DGS2000 type drying machine as an example, by the water up to dry materials 40 ~ 50%, the normal production dryer cylinder temperature control in 70 degrees of material temperature 40 degrees, after drying the moisture content is 12 ~ 15%, the yield is 2 tons per hour, all the supporting power of 51 kw. Compared with the same type of traditional fluidized bed and other equipment, can save more than 70% power with. (Note: the production to save four months of electricity can be the DGS2000 type dryer purchase fee). Because the drying temperature is low, can ensure the materials to be dried biological activity (Note: after drying of live bacteria exist in living rate of more than 100000 units). Not only meet the requirements of advocating energy-saving equipment, but also can decrease the cost of production, at the same time, we also adopted the two stage dust removal technology, ensure the current manufacturers of environmental protection requirements, the type of drying equipment and high performance price ratio, drying technology to fill the domestic blank drying industry. For the use of units can create higher economic benefit and social benefit. At the same time, our factory can also be based on drying equipment design and manufacture of different yield and material properties required by the customer. And to undertake the design, fermented feed a full set of production line equipment manufacturing, installation and commissioning business. (and solve the fermentation tank discharge difficult and contamination problems). We wholeheartedly for the general customer service, thank you for your cooperation. One, the principle of work: Drying for three stage drying, the first level of utilization of waste heat of wet materials pre drying, second stage used partial hot air to dry material pre flash drying, through two stage after drying, the material has a preliminary dehumidification, and then into the main drying machine, third stage drying, hot air drying machine by bottom by strong, weak classification after entering the dryer, the dryer with internal flip, propulsion unit, most of the material by turning device thrown into space, high pressure hot air can easily be material remaining blowing floating in the air, because the material is subjected to centrifugation. Shear. Collision. Friction and by the particle, strengthening the mass transfer. The heat transfer, hot air and material connected with the pupa fully, because the dryer is horizontal, the internal flip propulsion device, the residence time of temperature control and material can be adjusted, the dry material adaptability, can adapt to all kinds of yeast fermentation of dry material requirements. Two, characteristics: (1) adapted to high moisture, sticky easy to agglomerate material, and require low temperature drying. Large quantities of continuous drying, such as yeast fermentation material etc.; (2) low temperature drying can be Hen according to customer requirements, any regulation of hot air temperature, hot air can be adjusted to a minimum of 80 degrees; (3) regulated by temperature, biological activity of bacteria can keep the fermentation yeast during drying process; (4) the production cost low, turning the special device, reduces the air into the drying machine resistance, thereby reducing the fan power consumption, in the same production, the same conditions, about 70% of energy saving of DGS2000 fluidized bed dryer drier than other forms of; (5) the principle of drying for three stage drying (waste heat utilization, flash, primary drying), can greatly improve the utilization rate of hot air, ensure consistent product quality; (6) has the advantages of simple operation, low employment rate, equipment repair rate is low; Scope of application: (7) required to maintain a variety of yeast fermentation material live bacteria, a variety of distiller's grains etc.. Three, the main technical parameters Type of inlet air temperature (c) air temperature (c) of water evaporation capacity (kg/g) size length and width and height (m) of total power (kw) DGS500 80-150 degrees 40-60 degrees 230-300 4*1.2*8 20 DGS1000 80-150 40-60 450-600 5*1.5*9 30 degrees C DGS2
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