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"To travel, find the landscape", has become the pet phrase, the majority of tourists and consensus, in this made little achievement first embodies the sweat and wisdom of all the staff of the landscape embodies the landscape field, general manager of the hardships and happiness, but also embodies the vast number of friends all support landscape yearning. Shandong landscape international travel agency, owns dozens of subsidiaries all over Zibo City, is a cross travel agency, airline ticket, logistics and many other tourism related industries of Shandong province tourism industry super carrier. The scope of the company's tourism business covers travel abroad, domestic tourism, business visits, conference reception, hotel, ticket agent business travel service all travel related business. Entrepreneur, God helps those who help themselves. Landscape travel, since its establishment in 2000, operation started, with 5 of the time, the 6 employee development to the present Zibo City Branch 15, more than 80 employees, was awarded the "integrity of Zibo travel agency", "Shandong integrity of the travel agency", "top ten outstanding travel agency in Shandong Province", "Shandong Province, the first batch of AAAA class travel agency", "the first in Shandong Province travel instalment units", "consumer trust units in Shandong province", "Shandong province fine service demonstration enterprise", "Zibo City Tourist Association vice president of units", "Zibo city" civilized demonstration window "," Zibo city "youth civilization" unit "etc. the honorary title. At the same time, its tourism landscape succession accepted, logistics, airline ticket business, and become the first in Zibo (Ma'anshan area) have attractions of the travel agency, but also become the only Zibo Province three pilot (Qingdao, Dongying, Zibo) is one of the
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Air ticket booking, hotel reservation, free, travel, travel abroad
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Contact:   Tian Maoyou
Addr:   Shandong Province  Ji'nan City  Shandong province Zibo city Zhangdian District Huaguang Road No. 79 Silver International Business Center Room 408