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Dezhou Shengli Hydraulic Machinery Factory Brand
Business Model
Dezhou Shengli hydraulic machinery factory is specializing in the production of ultra high pressure pump station, Jack, tool cylinder and hydraulic machinery enterprises. I plant strong technical force, testing equipment, stable and reliable product quality, customer service and thoughtful service, the technical indicators are close to or reached the international level. Our company product characteristics: small size, light weight, compact structure, simple operation, ultra high pressure and small flow, low-pressure pump can be prepared to improve the work efficiency. On the basis of crude oil on the road, can increase the variety of hydraulic components, such as solenoid directional control valve, pressure relays, remote control switch, hydraulic lock and so on, can be used in any pressure within the rated pressure. This product can be directly carried out the pressure test to the driving force of vessel, equipped with special tools can be lifting, bending, straightening, shearing, extrusion, welding, lifting, stretching, disassembly, punching, extrusion, the construction of reinforced bridge, engineering machinery and other operations. Enterprise tenet: quality first, customer first, honest and trustworthy, the fine service; service ad hoc full-time customer service service department, who will be lifelong tracing service implemented in the factory products, free service during the three package.
Main Products
Hydraulic manual pump, hydraulic jack, electric hydraulic pump, radial piston pump, hydraulic dismounting tool
Contact information
Contact:   Zhao Peng
Addr:   Shandong Province  Ji'nan City  Dezhou Tiexi Trade Development Zone Road