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Shanghai Tang Dynasty Entertainment Limited Brand
Business Model
Company to a high grade of environmental facilities, quality of service, the symbol has been deemed the most distinguished guests identity. Entertainment management mode of operation of the company into the international first-class, management layer is comprised of experienced administrative, production, the issue of talent, professional knowledge to promote business development, lead with the times. In order to meet the new century cataclysmic market, we will consistently cutting unlimited creative momentum, not with the wave, not from, fully embodies the faith, making more diversified entertainment software, extended to other entertainment services; by the ultra first-class hardware facilities, create the first-class service quality, persistent implementation of brand strategy, and on the leading fashion for consistent pursuit of the goal! We not only have a reasonable hardware facilities, a full range of planning, more first-class service! We are not only the entertainment space, the stage of the fashion, more is the cultural accumulation!
Main Products
Shanghai nightclub, Shanghai KTV, Shanghai bar, Shanghai performing arts hall, KTV recruitment
Contact information
Contact:   Mr. Tang
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Changshou Road No. 996