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Hangzhou Jinchi car rental Co., Ltd. Brand
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Hangzhou Jinchi car rental Co. Ltd is to provide car rental, car rental, foreign car, commercial car rental, travel car, airport shuttle, long-distance travel, translation services as the main content, professional car rental companies to domestic enterprises, foreign institutions, foreign guests, compatriots from Hong Kong and a high level industry etc. in the crowd and group as the main service object. Company middle managers and frontline staff troops retired cadres and retired division battalion commander automotive professionals, most of the military vehicle management and other institutions of education degree, after the hard environment honed and forces years of temper, have a high political and cultural accomplishment, rich management experience, solid car professional technology level. Honest, elegant features, personality, abide by the rules. Hangzhou Jinchi Automobile Leasing Co., Ltd. / Hangzhou car rental / tour / Airport / rent cars by the hour / veteran escort, security worries in Hangzhou Kam Chi leasing. The company has always put honesty as the company's survival of the company in the customer service has always been harsh Shou Jin Chi leasing tourist charter service commitment "not into shopping store, without any tourist shopping and other commissions, such as may be found to refuse to pay the fare; not satisfied with the service, at any time by the solution of unreasonable rent; telephone and online booking, no the deposit; first car after payment, no deposit; stroke absolute freedom arrangement; don't dine with customers; not involving business secrets and personal privacy", which has become a gold medal quality Kam Chi leasing is different from the other car rental and travel company, by domestic and foreign guests praise. "We're as good as gold, we should be both a gold, we meticulously" Kam Chi leasing promise forever, "flying veterans, and change" because of you, your satisfaction is our eternal service objectives. Company has strong technical strength, operating lease vehicle range, with Audi A6. Buick GL8. guangben Odyssey. Mercedes Benz commercial fleet. Passat, refine, Jetta, Jinbei, Delica, Jinlong bus and so on a series of luxury vehicles, with a variety of high-quality vehicle according to the different needs of customers, but also for large enterprises, organs and departments and social groups airport transfers, rental cars, wedding cars and tour charter for long-term or short-term car rental business. The company has a group of experienced management personnel and professional and skillful driver, strict management system, improve the rent tracking service. Under the auto repair shop to provide a guarantee for the company vehicle quality and safety. 1, models complete, insurance complete, honor their commitments, safety and comfort; 2, the first car after payment, the lowest price in the city; 3, Hangzhou city and the Lingyin Temple temple, West Lake, XiXi Wetland, Qianjiang bridge, Leifeng Pagoda, Qiandao Lake, and Shanghai. Jiangsu. Anhui Mount Huangshan surrounding tourism and business survey; 4, the airport railway station access, baggage; 5, tourists can telephone booking, airport shuttle, stroke segment payment, secure.
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