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Yancheng City Huaxin Construction repair high-altitude anti-corrosion Co., Ltd Brand
Business Model
Huaxin Construction repair high-altitude anti-corrosion Co. Ltd to undertake professional - towering structure: height of 240m within the chimney, cooling tower, water tower, the prilling tower, steel frame concrete structure, etc. various kinds of high-rise structure construction, hoisting construction. The installation of the equipment: electric power facilities, chemical industry equipment, pipeline, high altitude structure installation of accessories. High altitude repair: a variety of towering buildings, building structure reinforcement, anchorage, repair, replacement, nursing, structure of coating, rectification engineering construction. High altitude Demolition: all kinds of high-rise structure, tower mast structure, high-altitude construction facilities dismantled construction. Anti-corrosion insulation: all kinds of metal, non-metal surface structure (dry and wet) sandblasting, shot peening, various coating corrosion (copper, zinc spray, spray, spray spray stainless steel, aluminum) metal spraying anti-corrosion, anti-corrosion lining paving blocks, industrial flooring, wall corrosion, pipe equipment, wall insulation construction. Waterproof: level, wall, civil defense cavern, chemical tank, cable trench, mines, dams, tunnels and other structural composite isolation layer waterproof, waterproof chemical grouting, fracture plugging reinforcement. The leak detection. Decoration: high altitude cleaning buildings or structures outside the internal and external wall cleaning, reconditioning. All kinds of chemical equipment, piping, mechanical and chemical cleaning, high pressure saturated steam cleaning. Fire engineering: fire facilities installation, maintenance, inflammation is insulated against walls, metal structure coating, fireproof plugging wire and cable and pipeline running through Kong Tong, gap. Radio communication: the television tower, communication tower, in Portadown etc all kinds of tower mast structure erection, dismantling, corrosion, reinforcement and rectification of lighting engineering. Aerial advertising design, fabrication and installation. Decoration: to undertake the cost of 12000000 yuan, the building indoor and outdoor decoration construction. Desulfurization project: the chimney smoke desulfurization and dust removal of tail transformation, sewage purification detection, design and construction.
Main Products
Plugging the sewage tank, air defense basement plugging, plugging, plugging the tunnel, carbon fiber reinforcement
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Contact:   Li Shulong
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  Yancheng Yancheng City road Yandu District No. 2