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Shanghai Oriental second-hand construction machinery Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanghai Oriental second-hand construction machinery to provide special second-hand engineering machines of various types: second-hand car hoists, cranes, second-hand, second-hand rollers, second-hand loaders, bulldozers, used forklift, used excavator and so on for you to choose. We confidently with the vast number of new and old customers sincere cooperation, contribute to the country's development and construction. We will be "integrity management, quality three. Technical guidance, the credibility of the first "principle of service, so that every customer get real rest assured to buy. I companies have a variety of Xugong, Luoyang, delayed, Chang Linzhu, Liugong and nimbus, vibratory roller (with various tonnage). Chang Linzhu, long work, temporary workers, the Shanghai urban construction, Xiagong, Xugong, Liugong workers (ZL10-ZL50) type loader. The mountains, Shantui, Xuanhua, Shanghai Pengpu, Oriental red (120, 140, 160 and 220) of bulldozer. The resultant force, Hangzhou, Dalian, Jingjiang, Suzhou, Linde, Komatsu, TCM (0.5-16 tons) forklift. Domestic Xugong, the Yangtze River, Pu Yuan, Bengbu, Tai'an and other auto crane. Komatsu, Hitachi, Kobelco, Sumitomo, Daewoo, Yuchai, modern, Sunward Intelligent and so on 13-220 used excavator. The above equipment with large spot, welcome customers to our enterprises to field test the goods at the scene to introduce the product model and performance test on site, the satisfaction of both sides agreed prices, prices, the signing of the agreement and payment, to negotiate the end, continue to provide after-sales service in the enterprise. Welcome new and old customers to come to discuss the consultation calls.
Main Products
Second-hand roller, excavator second-hand, second-hand loader, used truck crane, used bulldozer
Contact information
Contact:   Peng Feng
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Jiasong Road No. 4188