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13023976110 Hengxing lock; the scope of business: professional lock, lock, lock, Key Duplication Service Professional modified folding remote key professional with the car keys chip Lock experts Xiamen Hengxing lock your sincere service for you! Xiamen Hengxing service limited company is via Xiamen City Industrial and commercial bureau to allow professional lock company specialized open open, repair all kinds of insurance box, car locks, safes, vaults, computer ATM machine, burglarproof door lock, the filing cabinet, the boss a lock, desk stationery lock, password boxes, and various kinds of locks, leather shoes beauty tea etc.. There are several branches in Xiamen City, our company is a professional service in Xiamen, all the people. The instant you solve problems. The company services mainly in the door, in recent years, a variety of new areas such as bamboo shoots after a spring rain like rise, some owners decoration new premises after decoration workers, meet others, to keep the key or less with a key, the mind very relieved, then you need to my company site give you another set of lock core. Now the city is too fast, all kinds of occupation commuters bustling about all day. Sometimes, accidentally put a bunch of keys get lost, and shy of people pick up the keys, psychological and uneasy. Or because the wind has locked the door, go out to shut the door and left the key at home. Then you need to put the home key to replace or transform the lock core. And so on such things, you will often hear or personally, so, when you meet the above situation, please feel free to call my company's phone, 0592-8300680 18950067068 we will arrive in the shortest possible time beside you, for you to lift the trouble.
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