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Xi'an rehabilitation hospital is a multi discipline, medical and scientific research as one of the modern comprehensive hospitals, specialist prominent features, departments complete, reasonable allocation of medical equipment. The hospital is a national formal medical institutions. The hospital is located in the convenient transportation, beautiful environment of the city, covers an area of 1000 square meters, medical building is 5 stories high, set up more than 20 clinical professional departments, and has 200 beds in hospital. Hospital medical experts, Dr., Professor of elite of more than 40 people, the main clinical departments frontline physicians with senior technical titles. Hospital outpatient clinic cancer experts is China's authority of TCM oncology research and treatment of cancer, in 20 years ago began to set up a special hospital of traditional Chinese medicine in cancer research center. Xi'an rehabilitation research team developed a set of expert of hospital tumor new therapy for tumor, and selected from hundreds of flavour precious pure Chinese herbal medicine, animal, plant, mineral, drugs, has direct killing cancer cells, eliminate cancer pain, fire, fire water, tyranny, in advanced cancer. According to the cancer cell metastasis and diffusion, weak constitution, older age, not radiotherapy, chemotherapy, operation of the patients to relieve pain, relieve the symptoms, prolong life, gradually embarked on the road to recovery. Famous Chinese cancer experts, Professor Li, Professor, director of Doctor Li, the courage to challenge the century problem, dozens of experts and professors organization composed of TCM therapy research group, jointly explore the use of effective way of TCM treatment of cancer, has made exciting achievements in scientific research in TCM therapy on the road. They developed Keliu Dan detoxification capsules series of anticancer drugs for benign and malignant tumor, early, late, all in all kinds of cancer have better therapeutic effect, has direct killing, prevent recurrence and diffusion, prevent metastasis, block division, inhibit the synthesis, induction of apoptosis, enhance immunity, prevention of infection and other advantages, has the treatment of cancer patients nearly a million cases, saved thousands of patients a better life, broke the cure cancer not clinical conclusion, achieved a historic breakthrough, created a miracle in the history of the treatment of cancer.
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