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Thank you for the Firstep (first step) the trust and support of children's series products, Firstep (first step) brand shoes in a lively and dynamic, healthy personality for the concept, with a happy, comfortable, cool childhood life concept and popular but the basic design for the design blueprint, but also injects aesthetic elements, thoughts and essence the connotation of humanity, to show the new era of children's self-confidence and fashionable life style. Firstep (first step) children's positioning in the mid-range, age 0-15 year old summary, sports and leisure fashion theme, design appearance, drawing on European and American style into Asian elements in China after twenty years of implementation of the economic development and the national policy of family planning, children's products market in China is developing at a rapid speed to nearly 100 billion scale, the market calls strong leadership brand, looking for the direction of the wind vane. Firstep (first step) children's products to fashion leisure shoes, with innovative design and excellent quality best-selling all over China, in addition to the foreign countries, set foot in Europe and the United States Southeast Asia, the Middle East, and other parts of the world, and enjoy high reputation in a large number of customers. With the first group of children's products to enter the market of the franchise stores people have success, to a comprehensive children's famous stores are increasingly strong desire. Firstep (the first step) The emergence of children's shoes brand for many businesses and consumers have to cheer, Firstep (first step) Children have a very good business philosophy and mode, name of product model management allow customers to source more and more. Let Firstep (first step) children's achievement you dream of a lifetime!!!
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