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Wuxi City European cabinet factory Brand
Business Model
Wuxi European cabinet factory was founded in 2005, is located in Wuxi Industrial Park East Pavilion, is a family kitchen decoration industries, set of artificial stone countertops, paint door, UV door, crystal door and a set of cabinets in the enterprise. The company introduced the USA, Germany, a full set of advanced equipment, leading technology, exquisite craft. Company product variety, widely used in hotels, hotel, office building, apartment, villa etc.. Success in their home office is preferred, is more vast earners decoration required. Believe that will let you have a satisfactory to your input value, satisfy your endless pursuit of a better life! The company has strong ability of design, to provide a free onsite positioning design, arrangement of whole process service, first-class quality, first-class customer service service site, post service has safeguard, let you never worry about. The company together hand in hand with you, common to create a new environment, new Home Furnishing kitchen Fuya, special and beautiful office. The purpose of the company "to the quality of survival, to efficiency and development". Continue to develop innovation function, put one's heart and soul into the spirit of serving for customers, to meet the challenges of the market, the company production of complete sets of ambry of annual production capacity of up to more than 1000 sets of various door, above of 30000 square, through years of operation, management team to achieve a younger, professional, according to wholeheartedly for customer service purposes, the company the consistent pursuit of quality promotion, to achieve sustainable business philosophy.
Main Products
Wuxi Wuxi cabinets, the whole cabinet, wardrobe a whole wardrobe of Wuxi, Wuxi, Wuxi integrated ceiling
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Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  Dongting Wuxi District of Xishan City, Huaxia Road No. 27