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Anyang Tongxin ENT Hospital Brand
Business Model
Anyang Tongxin facial features is the largest hospital in the north area of Henan eye, ear nose throat, oral hospital of professional features, Beijing Tongren Hospital, Fudan University, Shanghai invited the eye hospital department of ENT experts to join to create the truth, imported equipment, Germany and the United States, Japan is strong protection, eye, ear nose and throat, oral cavity with the gospel. The specialist professional treatment: myopia excimer laser for the treatment of cataract ultrasonic emulsification operation center, center, glaucoma, cataract, eye strabismus ocular trauma and orthopaedic (orbital assembly), ocular fundus disease laser therapy, optometry, ocular tumor, vitreoretinal operation, sinusitis endoscopic operation, extraction, dental, orthodontics, dental, welcome to the majority of patients to treatment.
Main Products
Excimer laser, plasma treatment of cataract operation, operation, sinusitis, cosmetic
Contact information
Contact:   Zhao Liang
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Anyang City, the northeast corner of Wenfeng overpass Green.