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Beijing sunshine 100 decoration Brand
Business Model
Beijing sunshine 100 decoration service object: limited Beijing area specializes in Home Furnishing, high-grade decoration, home decoration Home Furnishing duplex, villas, office renovation of existing homes, office buildings, hotels, hotels, restaurants, beauty salons, Coffee hall, bar, shopping malls, stores, exhibition hall, booth showcase, showcase, display, exhibition, service features the organization brand Jicai group purchase of furniture and building materials, decoration design, decoration and construction, Home Furnishing accessories, intelligent Home Furnishing, fresh air system, temperature control system, villas, office space, hotel, clubs and other design and construction services. Technical personnel Home Furnishing decoration based in Beijing for 15 years, Beijing sunshine 100 decoration has a group of excellent designers and years of experience in the construction of the. Furniture decoration integral ambry integration services. Beauty Home Furnishing decoration to customer satisfaction for the purpose, with outstanding talents and rich experience as the foundation, with personalized design, fine craftsmanship, strict construction standards to ensure that environmental protection, green, warm and comfortable environment for our customers to create.
Main Products
North second-hand housing decoration, decoration of the old housing new premises, Beijing decorative decoration, North office decoration, home decoration in Beijing
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Contact:   Mr. Li
Addr:   Beijing City  Beijing City  Beijing city Changping District Xisanqi