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Shanxi Zhengli hotel supplies Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanxi Zhengli hotel supplies Co., Ltd. is a focus on cleaner production, research and development, hotel management professional company. General manager of Department of international society of fabric maintenance, cleaning supplies with over 20 years of technology development and management experience. The company is committed to build Shanxi hotel cleaning brand. A subsidiary of Taiyuan Jin Yike trade limited company independent research and development and production of the "competition Li" washing of the material, the first through the ISO9001 international quality system certification, and has been confirmed in the social satisfaction, product reputation and public survey and evaluation for public facilities in detergent industry Chinese famous brand. The company in cooperation with the Shanghai Condor Kang Xing Chemical Co., Ltd, will have a 40 year history of the United States leading brands from ComStar in Shanxi. Provided from the laundry, catering to the room, PA to central air conditioning, exterior all-round one-stop cleaning supplies service to Shanxi Stars Hotel. We firmly believe that professional trustworthy, dedicated to fine road, before being induced to concentrate blog! With our professional focus to concentrate, so that our customers save money, labor and worry! I carefully and seriously with comfortable and trust for your! Let the people on the way, eat the rest assured, comfortable sleep! Zhengli enterprise spirit is "honest man, hard working", Zhengli's business philosophy: "the customer as the center, value oriented, service means, quality guarantee"! Zhengli growth slogan is: "beyond the self, never say die, light the passion, realize the dream"! Zhengli business objective is: "Shanxi washing of the material the first brand"! Zhengli always try first, Shanxi today, tomorrow the first, first in the country, I believe we will firmly believe we can!
Main Products
Strong alkali, strong flour, bleach powder, milk powder, ash removing agent
Contact information
Contact:   Dong Zengren
Addr:   Shanxi Province  Taiyuan City  Taiyuan city in the South West Street 29 Apple business building, No. 8008