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Xiamen Weiwowei environmental protection science and Technology Co Ltd Brand
Business Model
The filter | nozzle | sandpaper belt - Xiamen Weiwowei environmental protection science and technology limited company after nearly ten years of development, has formed a research and development, production, sales as one combined High tech companies body. Companies specializing in the production of various types of industrial spray products, as many as thousands of varieties, with more than 5000 customers, is One of the largest manufacturers of domestic nozzle. The company has the world's most advanced CNC computer lathe and inspection equipment. The company's products are widely used in The field of iron and steel, aviation, electronics, chemical, textile, machinery, agriculture, environmental protection etc.. In the field of air filter, using a standard of clean production plant to produce filters, the company imported from the United States MPPS efficient air Filter detection system has reached the world advanced level, which is unprecedented in China's air filter manufacturers, efficient filter company Production line and production quality after Samsung, LG, many large companies at home and abroad Xinkecidian strict inspection, and the honor of being TDK, Acer Many large company group, long day enterprises, XIASHING motorcycle, Dayun secrets of qualified suppliers. The company passed the ISO9001 ISO14001 quality and environmental certification.
Main Products
Nozzle, filter, purification equipment, sandpaper, capacitance and resistance
Contact information
Contact:   Long Xiaobin
Addr:   Fujian Province  Fuzhou City  The Siming District of Xiamen City Xilin No. 7 East 101