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Business Model
Shenzhen raoshi trade network, Shenzhen Amway Product Cooperative dealers, mainly the supply of Shenzhen Amway monopoly 075588846114- supply USA original Amway Nutrilite, USA original Amway, Sales of Amway products, Amway Nutrilite Health food, Artistry cosmetics, Amway personal activities, Amway home, Shenzhen Amway will provide thoughtful professional customer service for you, the perfect after-sales service system, the Pearl River Delta of Guangdong province Shenzhen Guangzhou Dongguan Huizhou area to provide free delivery and door-to-door service! At the same time go for willing to join the Amway business partner Amway career achievement! Shenzhen Amway products online store, The convenient customer online purchase Amway products, integrity-based, long-term to provide genuine domestic and imported Amway products, including Shenzhen Amway Nutrilite, artistry, all Amway products 100% guarantee authentic, unified direct preferential price Nutrilite nutritional supplement food, global quality brand. Since its launch in 1934 the first multivitamin / mineral supplement nutrition food since, beginning with its excellent quality, a wide range of scientific research, strict organic planting and advanced production technology, to provide protein, vitamins and minerals and other nutritional supplements and many kinds of adjusting human body functions and functional health food for people, help people achieve the ideal health. Has now become the world's largest and most recognized quality nutritional health food brands, has 4 organic farms their global obtain professional certification, all raw materials, were collected from the original planting method, truly healthy, environmental protection.
Main Products
Health care products, skin care products, daily necessities, Amway product, network software
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Contact:   Mr. Rao
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Shenzhen Luohu District Baoan South Road, Shenzhen origin first floor, No.