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Shaanxi shengrongda Logistics Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shaanxi shengrongda logistics Xi'an Heavy equipment transportation logistics company, Xi'an paradigm, Xi'an logistics company headquarters phone: 029-82513112/82573182 is the establishment of Xi'an logistics transport refrigeration, Xi'an Baoji logistics, Yanan logistics in Xi'an, Xi'an Tongchuan logistics, Weinan logistics in Xi'an, Xi'an Shangzhou logistics, Xi'an Hanzhoung logistics division company entrenched in Shaanxi province. To provide a full range of logistics services for customers in Shaanxi province wide. Large equipment, transportation vehicles shunt throughout the domestic each major and medium small city, the implementation of multi line joining combined transport, municipalities county can start departure to domestic cities and counties.
Main Products
Xi'an transportation equipment, Xi'an refrigerated transport, Xi'an freight logistics, Xi'an LTL distribution, Xi'an of military products
Contact information
Contact:   Lei Pengfei
Addr:   Shaanxi Province  Xi'an City  Huaqing Road China Xi'an City Hospital No. 3 (West Shaanxi high-speed intersection Huaqing logistic Building No. 1)