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Taiyuan Haina HVAC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Shanxi Haina HVAC Intelligent Technology Co., Ltd is a set of central air, central dust collection, floor heating construction Professional Company. Companies focus on management of fresh dusting, domestic and international well-known brand heating temperature control and other domestic high-end equipment, is a high-tech Co. Ltd. of Shanxi province is the most professional HVAC equipment operation, installation, construction in one. At present, our company has become the Shanxi high-end residential indoor climate governance industry market leader and technology leader. My company to "create a warm comfortable, clean and healthy indoor environment" as any, carefully committed to the introduction of Shanxi high-end residential installation of sophisticated indoor climate control equipment.
Main Products
The central vacuum cleaner, floor heating materials, central heating and humidifying, central dust,
Contact information
Contact:   Zhu Huike
Addr:   Shanxi Province  Taiyuan City  Taiyuan city Pingyang road AON decorative City A-10 floor two