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Business Model
Operation advantage Company qualification A, telephone consultation: Special reception customer telephone enquiry, a preliminary understanding of the date of relocation, relocation destination, whether to provide packaging, and if you have any valuables, such as piano, arts and crafts, antiques, a large fish tank, advanced imported furniture, big screen TV, high-altitude hanging, safes, precision instruments, equipment etc.. Two, telephone quote: After the telephone consultation, if need to remove objects not much, belong to small-sized move, can use the telephone quote. The signing of the oral agreement. Three, transport packaging: Before the relocation, if the customer needs to provide cartons, sealing tape, pearl foam, foam, stretch film, bottom pallet, wood, plywood, semi sealed boxes and other packaging materials, are provided at cost price. I Division provides flexible packaging, paper packaging, wood packaging according to different objects (full sealed wood, full closure panels of wood, flower); if conditions allow our customers, staff can come on-site packaging. Four, value insured transportation: The client has the right to choose whether or not to purchase transportation insurance to hedge transport. Process for removal and transportation, such as careless and cause furniture or any goods damaged, my company has a contact person responsible for claims settlement, special transport process tracking, information feedback.
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