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Suzhou Hui Yu dry ice manufacturing Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
1: Division I professional production and sales of dry ice, dry ice cleaning machine for our production of dry ice was 99.99%. 2: specifications are massive (to do special size), particulate (diameter 20mm.16mm.14mm.12mm.3mm respectively), particulate (3mm in diameter), powder (also called snowflake). 3: Suzhou. Taicang. Nantong. Wuxi. Wujiang. Kunshan. Zhangjiagang. Hangzhou. Shanghai. Ningbo. Nanjing, free door-to-door, the rest of the freight agent. 4: contact: 0512-67238947 15850074886 QQ:417489233 18915501687
Main Products
Ice, dry ice cleaning machine, dry ice cleaning services, Suzhou ice, Changshu ice
Contact information
Contact:   Ms. Lee
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  The city of Nanjing  Suzhou West Ring Road 2868 (near Xinzhuang Interchange)