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Jintan Chenyang electronic instrument factory Brand
Business Model
Jintan Chenyang electronic instrument factory (the original West Xiaoyang instrument factory), is the larger equipment professional factory manufacturing, strong technical force, advanced management level, the main products: low temperature constant temperature water tank _ multifunctional blood soluble machine _ vortex oscillator _ digital thermostat oscillator _ digital constant temperature water bath _ temperature regulating electrothermal cover. The shell adopts electrostatic spray, widely used in environmental monitoring, health and epidemic prevention, medical, scientific research units, chemical and biochemical tertiary institutions and all kinds of laboratory. I plant the spirit of refine on, more spiritual, widely absorbing domestic and foreign advanced technology, continuous research and development of new products. With excellent quality, good reputation, perfect after sale service based on the market, market share, marketing products throughout the country, enjoy a certain reputation in the domestic market. That people with efficient unity, enterprising and innovative spirit, real service to users, for users to dispel melancholy. We believe that the instrument will become your most loyal and capable assistant. We sincerely welcome you to our factory to guide.
Main Products
Low temperature constant temperature water tank, blood dissolving pulp machine, spiral oscillator, constant temperature oscillator, thermostatic water bath
Contact information
Contact:   Dai Luolin
Addr:   Jiangsu Province  Nanjing City  North East city of Jintan province Jiangsu No. 1