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Xinxiang Daye mechanical equipment factory Brand
Business Model
Xinxiang Daye mechanical equipment factory is a professional engaged in emerging enterprises tangential circle of production equipment, has a strong design and development and production capacity. At present, our factory has developed and produced a variety of specifications and types of inner and outer circle machine, can cut the diameter of 200mm~3000mm, thickness of steel profiles of 0.5mm~8.0mm, to meet the different needs of users. I plant the production of tangent machine structure is compact, simple operation, one person can complete all operations, greatly save manpower, improve work efficiency. Widely used in filter, spool, pressure vessel, pressure vessel, cooking utensils, appliances, metal packaging barrel, an end cover, a head, blowers, bellows, air-conditioning compressor and other equipment accessories production. I also plant development and production of the spool by the disc edge rolling machine and other equipment, but also according to customer needs, customized other professional mechanical equipment. In addition, external processing business also undertake 200mm~1800mm diameter metal gasket, flange disk, etc.. My company uphold the principle of "based on innovation, the pursuit of excellence" business philosophy, engage in R & D and production of products. Our unique product design, will bring the brand new feelings for customers.
Main Products
The outer circular shearing machine, inner circular shearing machine, packing circular shearing machine, shearing machine, circle cutting machine
Contact information
Contact:   Meng Xiangwen
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Hongli Road West