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Shanghai Shuangye (two billion) Logistics Co., Ltd Brand
Business Model
Two billion logistics companies adhere to the "hard entrepreneurship, integrity Shou thousand, forge ahead in unity" spirit of enterprise, the customer is God "solutions to customers as their responsibility, excellent customer satisfaction as the goal" of the service concept, to provide third party logistics of low cost, low insurance, high efficiency, high quality for the customer. Two million new modern logistics companies logistics enterprises, is the third party logistics service providers, has advanced management mode, is the real transformation of traditional transport enterprises, new logistics company, the use of advanced modern information technology management as the means, with the deepening of reform and opening up, logistics consciousness has formed, the development of logistics conditions mature, perfect the market is steady. Economic establishment and improvement of logistics to create a macro conditions. The hardware includes the establishment of logistics transportation network, two billion to seize a good opportunity to make use of all favorable conditions to enter the logistics industry is wise, is the beginning of success.
Main Products
Large transport, long-distance move, dangerous goods transport, long-distance transport, less than truckload distribution
Contact information
Contact:   Xie Ningjin
Addr:   Shanghai City  Shanghai City  Shanghai Minhang District Jindu Road No. 1559