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Male penis lengthening thickening, Henan Yatai hospital is your best choice. Henan Asia Pacific hospital is a set of clinical, scientific research as one of modern hospital, have sophisticated diagnostic equipment and strong third senior hospital expert team, is a medical, the New Agriculture designated hospitals, large scale, the environment elegant. There are many male Department of Urology medical skills Expert Pro clinic, cutting-edge technology, the treatment of security. The penis, spermary is the male reproductive fundamental, masturbation or sex frequently make early testicular hypoplasia of penis or slender atrophy. Often accompanied by waist leg pain, fatigue, dizziness, poor memory, night sweats, dry mouth, insomnia, tinnitus, nocturia less time and more, perineal ministry wet and sticky, loss of libido. Because testicular small resulting in secretion of testosterone deficiency, endocrine disorders, resulting in secondary sexual characteristics are not typical, such as Adam's apple is flat, without a beard, the development of limbs disproportionately, skeletal muscles developed, decreased visual acuity, abate or lose, olfactory breast development, the lack of a man, the influence of career. For various causes male penis, slender atrophy, the sexual life of husband and wife is not up to the satisfaction. Court exclusive use of pulsed ZFY-PC free penile lengthening and thickening of the new technology, only a ten minute treatment, do not add any material, can make the penis autologous extended 2-5 cm, thickened 1-2 cm, obviously improve the quality of sexual life of husband and wife, irremediable, lifelong benefit. The technique is also effective to activate the penis blood perfusion, increase the hardness of the penis, length of impotence and premature ejaculation, ejaculation is faint, prostatitis has unique treating effect. Safe and reliable, no side effect, no pain, no age limit, with the rule to go. Operation cost price 960 yuan Reservation Tel: 0371-61156769 15838178760 holidays without a break (field with mail order) Address: Zhengzhou city by 98, K9, 21,80, 7 Road vehicles to the Zhengzhou city road by three animal husbandry Road station 200 meters to the east of Jing Ming Street No. 4 Henan Asia Pacific Hospital of male urinary diseases
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Contact:   Asia Pacific urology and Andrology
Addr:   Henan Province  Zhengzhou City  Zhengzhou city by the animal husbandry road to the east 200 meters Ming Street three No. 4 Henan Road, Asia Pacific Hospital of male urinary diseases