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Is located in the territory of Zhenghe County Yang Yuan Xiang, Pingnan state-level scenic spots Mandarin Duck River upstream, an area of about 10 square kilometers, the highest peak 1459 meters above sea level. Because Yamanaka Ichi boulders were "Palace" word, Qi Shan hole and the hole Palace said, hence the name "hole palace hill", an exquisite scenery in the mountains, beautiful scenery, Hill cave, xiuba kiwi, a grotesque scene 49, among which "Hua Hong Xi, circle," Sanjue said. Hua Yang Yuan Xiang ban tou village located on lying, Pan Xi, is composed of a ban tou Su rip off Chen Huan in the Ming Masanori six years (in 1511) to create and examination after the homecoming, subsequently destroyed when repaired, the existing building is three years (1914) rebuilt, but as the old. The bridge for the single hole pavilion type bridge. The bridge is 50 meters long, 6 meters wide, is named for three storey main building eaves, the air like lotus. The bridge is equipped with two channels, one of them with a wooden fence, about 1 meters wide side road for the women walk past. This is rare in many Fujian ancient bridge building, on the bridge two or three hanging wind chimes, the wind is tinkling, villagers are according to east or west rang to predict the weather, very effective.
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Addr:   Fujian Province  Fuzhou City  Nanping municipal and county Yang Yuan Xiang Xi men Cun No. 59