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Hangzhou Tianying materials Recycling Co., Ltd. Brand
Business Model
Hangzhou Tianying materials Recycling Co., long term oriented enterprises and institutions, shopping malls, hotels, schools, restaurants, cafes, personal high cash onsite recycling all kinds of waste materials, second-hand goods, scrap, vintage. Companies with strong economic strength, abide by the principle of good faith, in the long-term business activities in a warm and thoughtful service, good business reputation has won the trust of many customers, and get a good reputation in the industry. The main types of recovery: 1 office equipment reclaims: office furniture, office furniture, employee, boss desk, conference table, document cabinet, screen recovery; 2 Electrical and electronic equipment recycling: computer and printer, copier, scanner, fax machine, router, waste circuit board, motor, cable, central air conditioning, air conditioner, washing machine, fridge, Internet cafes in the whole recovery; The 3 metal material recycling: outside, hook wire, tungsten, tin, copper, iron, aluminum alloy, stainless steel, billboards, rail, scrap, steel pipe, steel wire rope, steel, iron shavings, the old metal waste; 4 plastic, scrap recycling: plastic, aluminum composite panel, cardboard, newspapers, old car tires, old glass, waste materials recovery; 5 equipment recycling: machinery and equipment. Die. Iron and steel. Lathe equipment. Textile equipment. Chemical equipment, cement plant equipment, small restaurants, bar equipment. Kitchen equipment. Hotel equipment. Gas turbine, lathe, crane, bearing, boiler, transformer, battery, elevator power distribution cabinet, waste air switch, motor scrap, second-hand generator, old forklift, bearing recovery; 6 inventory backlog of recycling: Waste instrumentation, all kinds of scrap equipment, inventory of supplies. Our aim: warm and thoughtful, fast and efficient, door-to-door service cash payment, the price reasonable, abide by its commitments Welcome to call 15988140673 consultation, warmly look forward to working with you for your cooperation!
Main Products
Waste materials recycling, second-hand recycling, recycling, recycling of old equipment, waste materials recovery
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Contact:   Mr. Wang
Addr:   Zhejiang Province  Hangzhou City  Gongshu District shenban road Huzhou Road No. 25