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Shenzhen City Fu Jie Shun Move Transportation Co. Ltd. Brand
Business Model
"Professional ability based, have set up team spirit, occupation moral Liye, dignity of human personality set up the world" Large, medium and small plant relocation, equipment installation, machine shift, lifting, loading and unloading containers. Move, move office, lifting height, the relocation precision equipment, computer numerical control machine tool handling, CNC precision machining center equipment relocation, the relocation of the various types of printing equipment, electronic equipment relocation, cutting machine, projector, camera equipment, supermarket, bank teller machines, injection molding machine, punching machine, casting machine, generator, hardware tools subway substation, equipment, transmission equipment, and other equipment relocation. Cargo short haul and throughout the country, Guangdong Hong Kong Macau transportation accident emergency, the operation of the People's Insurance Company of China, insurance etc..
Main Products
Professional relocation, heavy lifting, equipment installation, machine shift, container handling
Contact information
Contact:   Zheng Rongfu
Addr:   Guangdong Province  Guangzhou City  Nanshan District Shenzhen City Xili Town, Shigu garden 12 building 502 room